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Tame-Power’s activity is organized around power conversion and distribution, primarily used in the markets of E-Mobility, Aerospace and Marine.

The architecture of electric or hybrid systems must house the solution to recurrent constraints. This solution is often driven by the noble elements of these architectures (the battery, fuel cell, traction chain, motor, etc.). Different requirements (cables, energy transfer or transportation) must be considered.

In power electronics, it has been noted that only noble elements are taken into account in the development of an architecture at the expense of secondary elements, such as the power conversion function. However, if all elements are not taken into account, system performance can be reduced, leading to lower cable efficiency return or average power conversion performance. In sum, the performance of a system cannot only be based on the characteristics of the noble components that make up the system’s architecture. 

The expert corner of the Tame-Power site aims to address the issues related to electric or hybrid architectures as well as the function of power conversion.

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Managing product developement from first prototype to serial production
DCDC converter well suited for ultra-fast charging station & megawatt application

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