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Services : design and manufacturing of dc dc converters

Imagine, design and manufacture together the DC DC converters specific to your needs.

Tame-Power : expert in power electronics

As an expert in power electronics, Tame-Power uses its experience and expertise in the design and manufacturing of DC DC converters to design and produce DC DC converters specific to your needs. With its catalog products, Tame-Power is able to intervene on the entire life cycle of the product: from design to manufacturing.

Tame-Power also offers customization of its catalog references to optimize your planning constraints at controlled costs.

Benefits of DC converter design and production services

Tame-Power is able to adress various markets such as : electric vehicles, special vehicles and machines, charging stations, electric aircraft, electric boats, thanks to its :

  • Know-how in power electronics
  • Customization services for catalog products
  • Engineering services, from design to production
  • Industrial capacity
  • Partnerships and strategic suppliers

Know-how in power electronics

As an expert in power electronics, Tame-Power addresses various applications and offers unique innovative solutions in DC power conversion. Tame-Power bases its know-how on : 

  • Its significant expertise and experiences in power electronics and thermics
  • The optimization of the performance of its DC-DC converters whose tool has been patented

Thus, Tame-Power is able to design and produce non-insulated, insulated, liquid cooled or air-cooled DC-DC converters to meet your specific needs. 

Customization of catalog products

For specific requests, Tame-Power offers the adjustment of its references in order to provide you with DC-DC converters that meet your specific needs and optimize your planning constraints at controlled costs. Based on its catalog products, Tame-Power directs its global strategy to different applications and allows the development of specific technical solutions dedicated to meet your needs by :  

  • The definition of specific parameters,
  • The electronic and software adaptation,
  • The mechanical and aesthetics modifications. 

Tame-Power supports its customers in the development of custom converters throughout the product life cycle: from the definition of the electrical architecture to the support of the product integration. Tame-Power offers to specifically design and produce DC-DC converters from 1kW to several megawatts and from 35V to 950V.

Aware that each specific need is different, Tame-Power is thus able to intervene throughout the product life cycle, with :

  • Customizable generic products : small volumes and pre-series
  • Custom development of DC-DC converters to ensure cost optimization : medium volume and redesign
  • Ad-hoc product design

Engineering services

As an expert in power electronics, Tame-Power designs and produces several ranges of DC-DC converters :

As a specialist in power conversion and distribution systems, the Tame-Power team has expertise that lies at the border of the power chain's sources and consumers. Tame-Power supports its customers upstream of the development of their projects and :

  • Advises its customers during the development of their electrical architectures
  • From design to manufacturing of DC conversion modules
  • Ensures the definition of optimal technical choices specific to the target application market

Industrial capacity

Benefiting from the 50 years of experience of its parent company TRONICO, Tame-Power offers solutions for the assembly and integration of electronic assemblies. TRONICO develops and produces complete systems that integrate complex physical and electronic technologies. TRONICO is thus able to offer innovative global physical, electronic, mechanical and IT solutions.

With its 12,000 m² of production space and 700 employees on two sites (in France and Morocco), Tame-Power is able to address small and medium-sized production runs of up to 10,000 parts per reference.

Partnerships and strategic suppliers

As an expert in power electronics, Tame-Power has established strategic partnerships with companies that are experts in the design, testing and validation of control electronics for mass production.

In close collaboration with the Tame-Test product line, a specialist in the design and manufacture of test equipment, Tame-Power has specific equipment for testing high power products. With Tame-Test's expertise, Tame-Power is able to perform: component testing, semi-finished and finished products, equipment and mobile testing in embedded environment. For your most specific needs, Tame-Power is also able to create and design custom test benches.

Thanks to its experience and qualified partners, Tame-Power is positioned as the current tier 2 in the automotive market.

Dedicated resources

Human resources and capacities

Tame-Power benefits from :

  • 12 000 m² of production area
  • 2 production sites: Tangier in Morocco and Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine in France
  • The expertise of 700 employees
  • A design office with 50 engineers
  • Complementary engineering skills (architect, hardware, software, mechanical, thermal and security)

Regulatory context

Tame-Power is able to design products that meet the following regulatory standards, accreditations and certifications :

  • COFRAC accreditation: counterfeit detection, chemical opening, internal visual inspection, external visual inspection, bond pull-off test, shearing of electronic chips)
  • IATF 16949: quality in the automotive industry. It describes the processes for the development, industrialization and manufacturing of automotive components.
  • EN 9100 (equivalent to AS9100 - U.S.A. / JISQ9100 - Asia): principles of ISO 9001 for the entire supply chain in the aeronautics, space and defense sectors.
  • ISO 9001: quality management
  • AQAP 2110: quality management to meet the specific requirements of the "Defense" sector

Tame Power is also able to integrate your own constraints to standards specific to your field of application :

  • Operational safety EN 61508 and its derivatives: EN 26262 Automotive, EN 62279 Railway, EN 61513 Nuclear, EN 61511 Industrial processes, ARP 4754A, DO-178C, MIL-HDBK-217F, FIDES,
  • Safety: EN60950, EN61010, EN61508 etc,
  • Tests: UL94, EN50155, STM-E-001, EN F 16-101, EN61373, EN50121, EN60068...

Use cases

Discover the use cases specific to your field of application :

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