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Intelligent gateways between high-power energy sources and consumers

As an expert in power electronics, Tame-Power addresses various applications and offers unique innovative solutions in DC DC power conversion and power distribution.

Power conversion and distribution solutions

The Tame-Power teams develop and manufacture:

DCDC converter


Tame-Power products are intended for stationary and on-board applications and are designed for the following markets:

Building together the products that best fit your needs

To offer efficient solutions, Tame-Power proposes:

  • Products that can transfer power from 1 kW to 10 MW and are capable of generating several kW at low voltages,
  • Products that can be combined or used in parallel to increase the total power transferred,
  • Products that are easy to use thanks to a simple CAN messaging system,
  • Products integrating multiple control modes (input or output current, voltage and power),
  • Catalog solutions for generic needs,
  • A customization program for specific requests,
  • Products designed on the basis of current and future regulatory requirements for your markets of application.

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TRONICO: innovative electronic solutions

Realization of complex electronic products

Since 1973
80 R&D engineers mutualizing their know-how
+100M€ turnover (forecast 2023)
Total production area
12,000 m2
2 R&D and production sites in 2 countries:
France & Morocco

Tame-Power global offer


Power conversion and distribution solutions dedicated to on-board and stationary applications


Innovative DCDC power conversion and power distribution solutions

26 rue du Bocage
85660 Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine

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