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Services: support and technical assistance

Support and assist in the commissioning of our DC-DC converters within your specific applications.

Sharing Tame-Power's expertise

As an expert in power electronics and aware that each electrical architecture has its own specificities, Tame-Power offers the skills of its team to assist you in the commissioning of your converter. 

Thus, Tame-Power is able to provide technical support for the integration of the DC-DC converter into your electrical architecture and to carry out any support operations. 

Benefits of support services and technical assistance

Tame-Power uses its know-how in power electronics to assist you in the commissioning and integration of your DC-DC converter into your electrical architecture. 

For this, the Tame-Power team offers : 

  • Telephone and video support
  • The reservation of dedicated slots
  • Possibility of combining several support service packages

Five hours of support

Tame-Power makes its team of engineers available to its customers to accompany them in the commissioning and integration of its DC-DC converters within their electrical architectures. In order to meet specific needs, Tame-Power offers a 5-hour remote support format.

Dedicated time slots

Aware that each electrical architecture is different and that each project evolves at its own pace, Tame-Power allows its customers to schedule the hours during which they wish to call on the Tame-Power team of experts to benefit from the technical support service. Thus, each customer can : 

  • Schedule a technical support session of one hour
  • Schedule a technical support session of four hour

Audio or video support

All support and technical assistance services are provided by the Tame-Power team, which operates remotely in two modes: 

  • Tehcnical support by phone
  • Technical support by videoconference

For specific needs requiring on-site travel, we invite you to contact the Tame-Power support team. 

Take advantage of the technical support offer

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