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Tame-Power : manufacturer of DCDC converters for off-road applications

Power conversion solutions for off-road carbon-free mobility

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Towards a decarbonized land mobility...

The land-based electric mobility market is booming: new electric or hybrid and more environmentally friendly modes of transport are emerging. The market share of electric vehicles is increasing and they are becoming an alternative mode of transport to thermal vehicles.

The land-based e-mobility market can be broken down into the following sub-markets :

  • Electric vehicles: battery-powered vehicles or battery-hydrogen hybrid vehicles
  • Charging stations and terminals
  • Automated guided electric vehicles

The development of new modes of transportation and the desire to move towards greener mobility have led Tame-Power to address the land-based electric mobility market through various off-road applications:

  • Construction equipment: backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, crawler loaders, cranes, concrete mixers, etc.
  • Agricultural equipment: straddle tractors, crushers, excavators, etc.
  • Airport vehicles: aircraft towing tractors, refuelling vehicles, platforms for the assembly of aircraft components...
  • Port vehicles: ship loaders and unloaders, cranes and trailers for shipyards...
  • Handling equipment: forklifts, conveyors, pallet trucks and stackers...

Tame-Power's expertise in the off-highway vehicle market

Tame-Power puts its expertise at the disposal of the application fields of the automotive industry and offers :

High voltage DC-DC converters

Tame-Power DC DC converters allow the transfer of 1kW to several megawatts over voltage ranges from 35V to 950V input or output.

DC-DC converters are capable of coupling different energy sources in hybrid architectures integrating: fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, rectifiers, drivetrains, resistors, etc. Tame-Power products integrate all the control modes for optimal operation. Tame-Power DC converters are capable of :

  • Operate over a range of use from 35V to 950V
  • Generate an output power of 1kW to 120kW per module
  • Integrate stationary or embedded applications
  • Transfer energy in buck or boost mode (reversible DC-DC converters)
  • Integrate numerous input or output regulation modes: current, voltage and power
  • Integrate a specific mode for battery charging
  • Combine several DC-DC conversion modules to increase the total distributed power


For specific requests, Tame-Power offers to adjust its references in order to provide you with DC-DC converters that :

  • Meet your specific needs based on catalog products,
  • Allow you to optimize your planning constraints at controlled costs.

Customized DC-DC converters

Tame-Power supports its customers in the development of custom converters throughout the product life cycle: from the definition of the electrical architecture to the support of the product integration. Tame-Power offers to design and produce specific DC-DC converters from 1kW to several megawatts and from 35V to 950V.

Converter racks

Tame-Power DCDC converters can be combined in parallel to increase the total power transferred. Thus, Tame-Power proposes to combine up to ten converter modules.

Use cases of Tame-Power in the automotive market for off-road applications

DC DC converters for ECA Group

ECA Group develops and supplies innovative autonomous robotic systems, simulators and industrial equipment for the defense, maritime, aerospace, energy and industrial sectors.

In partnership with ALVANCE Aluminium Dunkerque and Rio Tinto, ECA GROUP has recently developed an automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology dedicated to industrial logistics applications in order to optimize and secure processes. This solution is dedicated to the autonomous management of heavy loads in the industrial environment.

ECA Group has chosen Tame-Power DCDC converters to manage the energy transfer between the main DC bus and a bank of supercaps. Energy can thus be recovered during the vehicle's mission.


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