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High voltage DC DC converters

Customizable and parallelizable DCDC power conversion solutions from 1kW to 120kW

Tame-Power offers generic products for your specific needs. Tame-Power DC DC converters have different control modes (current, voltage, power, low and high voltage) and can be combined in parallel to increase the global power transfered.


Tame-Power DC DC converters allow to transfer power from one DC (Direct Current) voltage range to another with an optimal power efficiency. Tame-Power products differ from other DC DC converters thanks to technical choices allowing to optimize output power and efficiency for high voltage to high voltage (HV HV) applications and have a large spectrum of application. 

Tame-Power DC DC converters are available in their original setup and can be parametrized to adapt to your environment and constraints. Tame-Power DC to DC converters are:

  • Simple use: thanks to a simple CAN messaging and several modes of control (current, voltage, power, in input or in output) 
  • Assemblable: Tame-Power DC DC converters can be combined to increase the total distributed output power
  • Customizable: Tame-Power proposes to adjust its references to make available products which will meet your specific needs.  

High voltage DC DC converters technical specifications

Tame-Power DC DC converters allow to transfer from 1kW to several megawatts on 35V to 950V input and output voltage ranges. 

DC to DC converters are able to couple different power sources in hybrid architectures integrating: fuel cells, batteries, supercaps, traction chains, resistors, etc. Tame-Power products integrate all control modes for optimal operation. Tame-Power DC DC converters are able to:

  • Operate on 35V to 950V voltage ranges 
  • Generate 1kW to 120kW output power per power conversion module 
  • Integrate to both stationary and embedded applications
  • Transfer power in both boost and buck mode (bidirectional DC to DC converters)
  • Integrate several control modes in input or in output: current, voltage and power
  • Integrate a specific mode to battery charge
  • Combine several DC DC converters to increase the total output power 

Tame-Power high voltage DC DC converters perfectly adapt to applications of the on-road, off-road, stationary, aeronautics and marine markets and easily embed architectures integrating: fuel cells, batteries, supercaps and auxiliary power supplies.

High voltage DC DC converters technical features


Tame-power DC DC converters range allow to transfer from 1kW to 120kW per power conversion module. The optimal distributed power level depends on system parameters and on voltage input and output ranges. Tame-Power proposes an individual support to ensure the perfect match between Tame-Power products, your specific needs and applications. 


Tame-Power DC DC converters can be liquid or air cooled. 

Liquid cooling system

  • Flow rate: minimum: 3 L/min., typ. : 5 L/min., maximum : 7 L/min.
  • Pressure: maximum: 5 bar
  • Inlet liquid temperature: minimum : -20°C, maximum : +65°C.

Air cooling system

  • Air flow rate: maximum : 268 m³/h
  • Inlet air temperature: maximum : 55°C

Regulation modes

Tame-Power DC DC converters are easy to execute and are managed by CAN messaging. Tame-Power products integrate several control modes, in input or output: 

  • Current,
  • Voltage,
  • Power.

Tame-Power DC DC converters beneficiate from an embedded intelligence allowing to optimize the output power on each operating point.

Power sources and consumers

Tame-Power DC to DC converters adapt to several power sources:

  • Fuel cells,
  • Batteries,
  • Supercaps.

They also associate with various power consumers as: traction chains, embedded accessories or other electric architetcures consumers. 


For your specific needs, Tame-Power proposed to adjust its catalogue references to make available products:

  • Meeting your specific needs on the basis of Tame-Power catalogue products
  • Allowing to optimize your time requirements at controlled costs
  • Permitting to propose a product which is specifically adjusted to your application environment

DC DC converters racks

Tame-Power DC DC converters are assemblable to increase the total output power. Hence, Tame-Power proposes to associate up to 10 power conversion modules per system, allowing to reach output power in order of megawatts. 

High voltage DC DC converters applications

Tame-Power products are intended to stationary applications and embedded applications of on-road and off-road e-mobility, aeronautics and marine markets. Tame-Power DC to DC converters blend in:

  • Stationary applications: chargers, charging stations,
  • Embedded applications: electric cars, hybrid vehicles, buses, trucks, aircrafts, service boats, pleasure boats, special vehicles and electric vehicles. 

Associated service: custom-made DC DC converters design and manufacturing

Expert in power electronics, Tame-Power designs and produces the set of its products. By means of its experience and generic products available, Tame-Power offers its expertise in power electronics throughout the entire product life cycle

  • Innovation and definition of electrical architectures: advice on the development of electrical architectures, optimisation and validation of technical solutions in correlation with the target application market,
  • Detailed design: definition of specific parameters, electronic, software, mechanical and aesthetic adaptation,
  • Industrialization, validation and launch phase: industrialization and testing,
  • Serial production: assembly and integration,
  • After-sales service: start-up assistance, integration, on-site or remote diagnostics.

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