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Sample maturity: from prototypes to validation and production

Managing product developement from first prototype to serial production

About sample maturity...

Some of Tame-Power products may still be under development. In that sense, and to help customers to undertsand why few references still not get certified, Tame-Power created sample maturity levels to help contextualizing products among development and certifications steps. 

Sample maturity

As a reminder, all Tame-Power products are at least qualified as "C-Sample", with first test report. 
Sample maturity Short description Main features Validation & qualification Customer use
A-sample First prototype First product integration including limited functions. Hardware and software primary release. Non-representative mechanical design. Concept validation N/A
B-sample All functions implemented sample Representative mechanical design from prototype tools and right material. All functions implemented without debug. Assembly on sample shop. First validation on product level (DV) First prototype. Tested in OEM system.
C-sample 100% representative with first test report sample Final hardware and software implemented including all optimizations and corrections. Mechanical design from series suppliers. Assembly and test on final production line. Sample use for product and process validation and qualification (PV) Concept freeze and early production. First test report.
D-sample Fully qualified sample All features implemented. Tested and laboratory-certified product. Complete validation and qualification. Product and product release ready for mass production. Ready for serial production

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