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Custom DC DC converters

Custom DC DC converters

Building together power electronics products that best fit your needs

Custom DC DC converters


As an expert in power electronics, Tame-Power has developed a know-how and expertise that is ready and available for its customers to take full benefit of. With solid experience and an array of generic products, Tame-Power is able to address a wide variety of applications for power electronics and to accompany its customers on a part or the entire life cycle of the product.

Tame-Power assists its customers in their custom DC to DC converters development on the entire product life cycle: from electric architecture definition to product integration support. Tame-Power proposes to design and manufacture custom DC DC converters from 1kW to several megawatts and from 6V to 950V. 

Advantages of custom DC DC converters

Tame-Power proposes its expertise in power electronics through five major services of the product's life cycle:

  • Innovation and definition of electrical architectures: advice on the development of electrical architectures, optimisation and validation of technical solutions in correlation with the target application market,
  • Detailed design: definition of specific parameters, electronic, software, mechanical and aesthetic adaptation,
  • Industrialization, validation and launch phase: industrialization and testing,
  • Serial production: assembly and integration,
  • After-sales service: start-up assistance, integration, on-site or remote diagnostics.

Innovation and architecture definition

As a specialist in power conversion systems and power distribution, the Tame-Power team has an expertise that lies at the frontier of the sources and consumers of the power chain. Tame-Power supports its customers early on in the development of their projects and:

  • Advise customers during the development of their electrical architectures,
  • Ensure to define the optimal technical choices specific to the market of application targeted.

Detailed design

With a multi-market vision (automotive, aeronautics, marine, industry), Tame-Power directs its global strategy towards different applications and develops specific technical solutions dedicated to meet your needs: 

  • Definition of specific parameters,
  • Electronic and software adaptation,
  • Mechanical and aesthetic modifications.

In order to offer products that fully meet your requirements, the Tame-Power teams work in compliance with quality standards, certifications and accreditations.

Industrialization, validation and ramp up phase

Tame-Power has a dedicated Process and Methods team, an integral part of the project team, to define and build specific industrialisation equipment.

In close collaboration with the Tame-Test product line, a specialist in the design and manufacture of test equipment, Tame-Power has at its disposal specialised equipment for testing high power products. Thanks to Tame-Test's expertise, Tame-Power is able to carry out: component, semi-finished and finished product and equipment tests and mobile tests in an on-site environment. For your most specific needs, Tame-Power is also able to create and design tailor-made test benches.

Serial production

Benefiting from the more than 45 years of experience of its parent company TRONICO, Tame-Power offers solutions for the assembly and integration of electronic units. TRONICO develops and produces complete systems that integrate complex physical and electronic technologies. TRONICO is thus able to offer innovative physical, electronic, mechanical and IT global solutions.

After-sales service

In order to guarantee the best level of service to its customers, Tame-Power provides an after-sales service based on its knowledge of power electronics. Tame-Power teams provide support and assistance by e-mail, telephone or on site, allowing to:

  • Help customers with the start-up and integration of Tame-Power products,
  • Perform remote diagnostics,
  • Guide interlocutors with verification procedures,
  • Intervene as soon as possible.

Resources / Industrial capacity

Human capital

Tame-Power beneficiates from the expertise of 80 Research and Development engineers who combine their know-how in TRONICO.


Tame-Power beneficiates from a total production area of 12,000 square meters and from an industrial capacity adapted to small and medium-scale series production. 

Certifications and accreditations

With over 45 years of expertise in electronics inherited from TRONICO, Tame-Power continues to evolve with an engineering process that is certified as per several standards. All DC-DC converters and PDUs being sold are therefore designed and manufactured according to the following regulations.

IATF 16949

IATF 16949 is a standard for Quality Management in the automotive industry. It describes the processes for the development, industrialisation and manufacture of automotive components.

EN 9100

EN 9100 is a European standard that integrates the principles of ISO 9001 and is aimed at the entire supply chain in the aeronautics, space and defence fields. EN 9100 is the equivalent of AS9100 (America) and JISQ 9100 (Asia). It certifies the reliability and quality of TRONICO's services for the design and manufacture of embedded products.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard is based on a certain number of quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, motivation and commitment of top management, a process approach and continuous improvement. TRONICO and Tame-Power have been ISO 9001 certified since 2004.

AQAP 2110

The AQAP 2110 standard is a NATO-developed standard that sets out quality requirements. It is a quality management tool that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and the specific requirements of the "Defence" sector.

Nadcap Electronics

TRONICO is Nadcap Electronics certified. This is a certification for the circuit board manufacturing process, developed by leaders in the aerospace and defence sector markets. Its objective is twofold: to improve quality and reduce costs. Both production sites (St. Philbert de Bouaine in France and Tangier in Morocco) are Nadcap certified. The Tangier site is the first Nadcap Electronics certified site on the African continent. TRONICO's customers in all sectors benefit from the same manufacturing processes.

Other standards

Tame-Power products are also designed and manufactured in accordance with the current functional, safety and testing standards, including: 

  • Functional safety EN 61508 and its derivatives: EN 26262 Automotive, DO-254, EN 62279 Railway, EN 61513 Nuclear, EN 61511 Industrial processes, ARP 4754A, DO-178C, MIL-HDBK-217F, FIDES,
  • Aeronautics and Defence,
  • Safety: EN60950, EN61010, EN61508 etc.,
  • Testing: DO-160, UL94, EN50155, STM-E-001, EN F 16-101, EN61373, EN50121, EN60068…

Your Tame-Power contact person

  • Arnaud de GUIBERT

    Product line Tame-Power Manager

    After more than 10 years of experience in the automotive electronics industry (Continental, Faurecia), Arnaud joined the Tame-Power team to support the strong growth of this activity. It helps define the mission and strategy of this product line, driven by mega trends such as electrification and hydrogen.

    Its mission: to support growth in a multidisciplinary role in interaction with the various departments of the company (Engineering, Purchasing, Production, Quality, Marketing). He particularly supports large accounts and highly complex projects.

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