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High-reliability and long-lifetime power conversion

TAME-POWER is the specialist in high-reliability power conversion for mobile and fixed applications combining high efficiency, performance and power density.

Aware that each customer has a different set of requirements, our philosophy is to accompany our customers in the development and creation of products that will meet their needs.

With 40 years of experience in electronic systems, our converter products (DC/DC, BMS, battery simulators) are designed in compliance with applicable dependability, safety and testing standards.


DC/DC converters for SymbioFCell

SymbioFCell has chosen Tame-Power for the development of a dedicated DC/DC converter for a hydrogen-powered range-extender. This DCDC unit is fixed to the fuel cell and uses its liquid-cooling system. It meets very low-space requirements and was co-designed by engineers from both companies.

The SymbioFCell range-extender that equips the Kangoo ZE-H2 adds an extra 150 km (93 miles) to the vehicle’s range, several hundred of these vehicles are already on the road.  

Symbio FCell uses this type of dc dc converter

DC DC converters for Swiss Hydrogen

Swiss Hydrogen have chosen a Tame-Power converter for their hydrogen-powered range-extender for the Kangoo ZE.

Initially, a Tame-Power converter was used by Swiss Hydrogen to test their fuel cells.

Swiss Hydrogen built their range-extender into a proof-of-concept vehicle, which has now been driven for over 110000 km (68000 miles) in real-world conditions. The range-extender provides a range increase of 200 to 400 km (120 to 240 miles).

Swiss Hydrogen uses this type of dc dc converter

Battery Management System for TEOS Power train Engineering

The company TEOS Power train Engineering have chosen a TAME-POWER BMS for an experimental model of Twizy. This demonstration vehicle is powered by a 35kW electric motor and a Lithium-ion battery.

TEOS uses this type of Battery Management System

DC DC converter for SymbioFCell

Symbio FCell have chosen a Tame-Power DC/DC converter for a fuel cell range-extender for the electric truck Maxity. This range-extender has a 20 kW DC/DC converter connected to a battery of the same power. Maxity’s range is therefore doubled, reaching 200 km (120 miles), and was put on the road by the French postal service La Poste in February 2015.

Symbio FCell uses this type of dc dc converter

DC/DC converters for Plug Power

Plug Power, hydrogen and fuel cell leader in the USA have chosen Tronico’s TAME-POWER DC/DC converters.

Providing 15 kW of power, these converters from the COMET range are built into Plug Power’s range extenders for FedEx electric trucks that are currently in service.

Plug Power uses this type of dc dc converter

DC DC converters for refrigerated trailers

We are working on reducing the weight of our DC/DC converters as well as adding new features. This work is for a funded project aiming to build a cleaner and less noisy electrical supply for chilled transport.

DC/DC converters in fire trucks

ELITE is a project aiming to improve fire trucks, especially at those at airports, by using electric power to drive the truck’s water pump and to assist its combustion engine. This special-purpose equipment needs over 150 kW of power and has severe requirements in terms of availability, safety and space. The ELITE project, which is funded by the BPI and by the Pays de la Loire region in France, is a collaboration including SIDES (fire truck manufacturer), IREENA (power electronics research lab) and TRONICO (DC/DC converter specialist).

DC/DC converter & Battery Management Solutions for an electric shovel

Tame-Power's DC/DC and BMS solutions have been used to equip a fully electric excavator. This innovative machine incorporates a fuel cell and a lithium battery. Tame-Power solutions respond to the strong integration and performance constraints of this technical environment.

For electric shovel, Tame-Power developps this type of dc dc converter

For electric shovel, Tame-Power developps this type of Battery Management System

DC DC converters for Eraole

Tame-Power was selected for the design and manufacture of 20 compact converters, these were optimized to meet the specific requirements of the hybrid electric airplane Eraole. Eraole is equipped with 43 m² of solar panels and a biofuel combustion engine, and was designed by the navigator and researcher Raphaël Dinelli, whose ambition is to complete the first zero-carbon transatlantic flight.

The installation and wiring of the DC/DC converters in the airplane was carried out by TRONICO.

Eraole’s maiden flight was on the 20th of October, 2016. 

Eraole uses this type of dc dc converter

DC/DC converter for EVIATION

Tame-Power has been selected by the Israeli company EVIATION to supply a DC/DC converter for their electric drone charging devices.

EVIATION uses this type of dc dc converter

DC DC converters for Yelo

Tame-Power has been selected to supply DC/DC converters for the ferryboat Yelo. This electric and hydrogen powered shuttle will operate in the port at La Rochelle in France.

The Yelo boat started its journeys in 2017.

Yelo uses this type of dc dc converter

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