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Catalogue produits Tame-Power

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Innovative DCDC power conversion and power distribution solutions

Catalogue produits Tame-Power

E-Mobility generic products

Tame-Power proposes generic products for your specific needs. Tame-Power DCDC converters integrate various control modes (current, voltage, power, in low or high side) and can be associated in parallel to increase the total transfered power.
  • CISO E 12KSoon

    CISO Isolated DCDC converter

    Isolation : Yes
    Type of cooling: Liquid
    Direction : Buck
    Power: min. 3kW ; max. 12kW
    V low : min. 9V ; max. 60V
    V high : min. 250V ; max. 950V

  • CONVY E 80K

    CONVY E80K

    Isolation : No
    Type of cooling: Liquid
    Direction : Reversible
    Power: min. 4kW ; max. 80kW
    V low : min. 35V ; max. 450V
    V high : min. 200V ; max. 950V

  • CONVY E 32K

    Convertisseur DCDC CONVY E 32K

    Isolation : No
    Type of cooling: Air
    Direction : Reversible
    Power: min. 3kW ; max. 32kW
    V low : min. 35V ; max. 450V
    V high : min. 200V ; max. 950V

As an expert in power electronics, Tame-power has created a range of DC DC power conversion and power distribution products. Tame-Power products are used for various applications in the following markets:

Notre produit est flexible. Adaptez les gammes de tension et augmentez la puissance pour votre application

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