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electronique de puissance

Tame-Power activity is organized around power conversion and distribution, majorly used in E-Mobility, Aerospace, Marine and Gensets markets.  

Electric or hybrid systems architectures imply constant constraints solving, driven by noble parts of the architecture (battery, fuel cell, traction chain, motor, etc.) regarding to several requirements (cables, energy transfer or transportation). 

In power electronics, it has been noted that only noble elements are taken into account in the architecture design at the exepense of secondary elements, as the power conversion function. However, if all elements are not took into account, the system performances can be reduced, leading to lower cables efficiency return or medium power conversion performances. In sum, a system performance can not only be based on noble components' characteristics. 

Tame-Power expert content aims to tackle hybrid, electric architectures and power conversion function stakes. 


Increase in voltage in electric vehicles architecture
What are the stakes linked with the increase in voltage ?
Gap components serving power conversion
What are the advantages of integration SiC and GaN components into power architectures ?

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