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Power Distribution Unit

Configurable HV 200kW PDU with 10 power connections for routing safely power on electrical grid

The PDU is a user-configurable HV power distribution unit and its is suitable to connect HV device as DCDC, ACDC, DCAC, Fuel Cells, Chargers or Super Capacitors in a unique robust and compact device. This reduce the drawback of the big bend radius of the power cables. The PDU is equipped of safety protection on each input or output and its can drive a current up to 500A under voltages up to 1000V. Cascading connections can be used in order to connect multiple PDU.

As each application is specific, this product is designed and manufactured according to the user needs. This design is based on integration of standard technological bricks qualified by Tame-Power. For your request, Tame-Power helps you to define and to design the optimized product for your application.

Control, setting, measurement data and datalogging are available throught a CAN 2.0B bus. All operation of power routing is safely monitored and an HVIL generator is integrated inside the PDU. This allows to insure a high level of safety functionalities for critical applications.


  • Composed of maximum 5 Generic PDU cells
  • Passive protection or active protection
  • Power routing up to 1000V with 500A (200kW)
  • Safety insulated controls of 500A power contactors-pairs, self-tests
  • Integrated active HVIL & interlock circuits
  • Monitored measures and sequences by Insulated CAN 2.0B connectivity
  • Integrated datalogger and User-programmable memory with access with a CAN messagerie
  • Adaptable fuses, precharge, filtering and protection components
  • 19’’ form factor available and assembly synergy according to your mechanical configuration
  • Liquid cooling


  • Power energy distribution monitoring

  • Electric vehicles, Chargers
  • Loads and sources connection/disconnection

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