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marine Tame-Power


Accompanying the electrification of the marine and defence sectors

marine Tame-Power

The electrification of military vehicles and the increase in the number of electric consumers are reinforcing the growing demand for electrification. The marine and defence industries are thus moving towards vehicles that are more electric. 

The need for stealth vehicles (acoustic and thermal) as well as the optimisation of energy sources are the main interests of electrification. The DC-DC Marine line is designed for applications in: leisure, yachting, industry, freight, defence or offshore wind turbine solutions. 

In order to meet this growing need, Tame-Power offers a series of DC-DC power converters from 500kW to 10MW.

Marine standard applications

DCDC converters for Yelo boats

Tame-Power has been selected to supply the DCDCs that will equip the Yelo boat. This electro-hydrogen boat will make maritime shuttles in the port of La Rochelle.

The YELO shuttle was put into service and made its first trips in 2017.

DCDC conferter for Yelo

Other markets

  • E-Mobility

    Tailor-made solutions for the clean mobility market

  • Aerospace

    The combined experience of TRONICO and Tame-Power

  • Gensets

    An offer adapted to industrial applications and generator sets

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