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Tailor-made solutions for the clean mobility market

E-mobility Tame-Power
E-mobility Tame-Power


Tailor-made solutions for the clean mobility market

The Tame-Power E-Mobility line of DC-DC converters is designed for stationary or on-board applications for the ground mobility markets. Tame-Power products are designed for both on-board energy supply chains and vehicle chargers.

Thanks to the wide range of voltages offered and the possibility of using DC-DC converters in parallel, Tame-Power products can be integrated into cars, trucks, buses, trains, agricultural or industrial machines, chargers, etc.

Due to the development of new modes of transport and the desire to move towards greener mobility, Tame-Power caters to the E-Mobility market with isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converters, from 1kW to 350kW of power.


BatterySystemSuperCapsSystemLoad XDriveDriveSpecificLoadFuelCell500 VDC - 1000 VDC20 kW - 200 kWBatterySystemMotorDriveLoad XDriveDriveSpecificLoadFuelCell250 VDC - 500 VDC20 kW - 200 kWMotorDriveOn BoardChargerLoad XSpecificLoad48 VDC2 kW - 20 kWLoad XSpecificLoad12 VDC - 24 VDC1 kW - 10 kWENERGYDC LINES BRIDGESLOADSHVHVLVLVSuperCapsSystemBatterySystemBatterySystem

E-Mobility standard applications

DC DC converters for Symbio

Symbio chose Tame-Power to develop a specific DCDC module to equip its hydrogen range extender. This DCDC module is leaned against the fuel cell and shares the cooling circuit. It responds to very strong specific integration constraints and has been the subject of co-design work between the engineering teams of the two companies.

The Symbio range extender installed on the KANGOO ZE-H2 makes it possible to add an additional 150 km of range, several hundred vehicles of this type already circulating today.

DCDC converter for Symbio

DC DC converters for Plug Power

Plug Power, a leader in hydrogen solutions in the USA, has chosen DC / DC converters from the Tame-Power brand.

With a power of 15kW, these products from Tame-Power's "COMET" range are part of Plug Power's Range Extenders H2. This equipment aims to increase the autonomy of the electric vans already in circulation on behalf of the carrier FedEx.

DCDC converter for Plug Power

DC DC converters for Engie Solutions

Engie Solutions innovates and develops Charge&go to offer the world of tomorrow smarter, greener and safer mobility. A turnkey, integrated and flexible solution that supports cities in their energy transition to electric vehicle fleets.

Charge&go solution uses multiple Tame-Power DC-DC converters of more than 40 kW each, coupled together through a proprietary interconnection system to charge one or several buses at the same time.

Engie Solutions selected Tame-Power as internal DC-DC converters for the flexibility of their control modes, their power capability and air cooling. Tame-Power DC-DC converters are ideally suitable for Charge&go solutions.

DCDC converters for Engie

DC DC converters for ECA Group

ECA Group develops and provides innovative robotics and autonomous systems, simulators, and industrial equipment for defence, maritime, aerospace, simulation, energy and industrial equipment sectors.

In partnership with ALVANCE Aluminium Dunkerque and Rio Tinto, ECA GROUP recently developed an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) technology dedicated for industry logistics applications in order to make processes more cost efficient and safer. This solution is dedicated to autonomous management of heavy loads in industrial environment.

ECA Group has selected Tame-Power for internal DCDC conversion as Tame-Power DCDC converter manages the transfer of energy between the main DC bus and a bank of supercaps allowing energy recovery during the mission of the vehicle.

The compact and flat form factor, power capability and flexibility of control modes have been key factors for ECA Group to choose Tame-Power solution.

With 160 kWh of battery capacity and 120 kW output, ECA Group's technology is ready for current and next robotics' generation.

DCDC Converters for ECA

Other markets

  • Aerospace

    The combined experience of TRONICO and Tame-Power

  • Marine

    Accompanying the electrification of the marine and defence sectors

  • Gensets

    An offer adapted to industrial applications and generator sets

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