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Aerospace Tame-Power


The combined experience of TRONICO and Tame-Power

Aerospace Tame-Power

Motivated by the demand to optimise aircraft performance, reduce operating and maintenance costs, increase reliability and reduce gas emissions, the aviation industry is moving towards an aircraft that is more electric.

As a specialist in power electronics and aware of the challenges in the aeronautics and space markets, Tame-Power has created a line of specialised DC-DC converters.

The Aerospace line offers conversion capacities from 50kW to 5MW thanks to the possibility of using a combination of Tame-Power DC-DC converters.

DCDC converters for Stratobus

The Stratobus project is a concept of geostationary multi-mission platform to carry payloads for civil or military applications (surveillance, observation, detection, communication ...). Autonomous energy thanks to its solar panels and its reversible fuel cell, this dirigible balloon evolving in the stratosphere, with 20 KM of altitude, is propelled by the electrical energy. Tame-Power is a partner in the consortium to provide DCDC converters for the power supply of power, communication and balloon control equipment. The first flight of a prototype is planned for 2020.


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