Configurable battery emulation system

Tame-Power®: Versatile solution for large battery emulation

Tame-Power: Versatile solution for large battery emulation

Tame-Power® proposes a battery emulator for BMS developers, and teams performing Hardware In the Loop process (Model based Design process).

Tame-Power® Battery Emulator considerably reduces the development time and the dangers of real manipulations of energized cells, it also drastically increases repeatability and test coverage.

Tame-Power® Battery Emulator can emulate up to 160 independent voltage sources, each providing 200 Ma. It allows testing all the features of your BMS, including balancing.

The system is based on a PXI rack.

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Émulateur de batteries configurable Tame-Power

Multi battery cells emulator

Number of channels
160, independent and programmable
Output voltage
from 0.5 to 4.7 V
Output current
200 mA
CAN - Ethernet - GPIB
Control architecture
Rack PXI

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