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Tame-Power : DC DC converter manufacturer for aeronautics

Tame-Power: DC DC converter manufacturer for aeronautics

Power conversion solutions for carbon-free aeronautics

Tame-Power : DC DC converter manufacturer for aeronautics

Towards carbon-free aeronautics...

Motivated by performance optimization, exploitation and maintenance costs reduction, reliability increase and polluant emissions reduction increasing needs, the aeronautics industry is moving towards more electric mobility solutions. 

The aeronautics mobility market is divided into market segments which are:

  • Aeronautics and space modes of transportation: tourist airplanes, business airplanes, commercial aircrafts, military planes, balloons, etc. 
  • New flying devices: drones, air taxis, etc. 

Two major trends are leading aeronautics mobility market:

The development of new modes of transportation and the willingness to reach a carbon-free mobility led Tame-Power to adress the electric aeronautics mobility market. Tame-Power falls within the global electrification and energy transition  and brings more environmentally friendly power electronics solutions. 

Tame-Power expertise on the aeronautics market

Specialized in power electronics and awake to aeronautics and space issues, Tame-Power proposes:

Tame-Power DC DC converters range adress all types of aircrafts: drones; air taxis; tourist airplanes; business airplanes; commercial aircrafts; military planes; and adapt to: electric architectures, hybrid architectures, fuell cells, turbines, etc. 

High voltage DC DC converters

Tame-Power DC to DC converters allow to transfer from 1kW to several megawatts on 6V to 950V input and output voltage ranges. 

DC DC converters are able to couple different power sources in hybrid architectures integrating: fuel cells, batteries, supercaps, turbines, resistors, etc. Tame-Power DC DC converters are able to:

  • Operate on 6V to 950V voltage ranges 
  • Generate 1kW to 120kW output power per power conversion module 
  • Integrate to both stationary and embedded applications
  • Transfer power in both boost and buck mode (bidirectional DC to DC converters)
  • Integrate several control modes in input or in output: current, voltage and power
  • Integrate a specific mode to battery charge
  • Combine several DC DC converters to increase the total output power 

Tame-Power products are dedicated to embedded and stationary aeronautics applications and easily integrate:

  • Embedded applications: airplanes (for tourism, business, defence), blimps, air taxis and common avionic loads.
  • Stationary applicatons: charging solutions.


For your specific needs, Tame-Power proposed to adjust its catalogue references to make available products:

  • Meeting your specific needs on the basis of Tame-Power catalogue products
  • Allowing to optimize your time requirements at controlled costs

Tame-Power is familiar with on specifications developments and is able to develop custom DC to DC converters, adapting: isolation, filtering, conversion, dissipation, packaging, monitoring and control, etc. 

Custom DC DC converters

Expert in power electronics, Tame-Power designs and produces the set of its products. By means of its experience and generic products available, Tame-Power offers its expertise in power electronics throughout the entire product life cycle: from electric architecture definition to product integration. Tame-Power proposes to exclusively design and produce DC DC converters from 1kW to 120kw per unit operating from 6V to 950V. 

DC DC converters racks

Tame-Power DC DC converters are assemblable to increase the total output power. Hence, Tame-Power proposes to associate up to 10 power conversion modules per system, allowing to reach output power in order of megawatts. 

Tame-Power certifications and accreditations on the aeronautics market

Tame-Power explores solutions meeting innovation and security needs thanks to its skills in critical aeronautic systems design and conception. Hence, Tame-Power technologies follow current and future normative requirements as:

  • DO-254 (Design Assurance Guidance for Airbone Electronic Hardware)
  • DO-178C (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification)
  • DO-160 (Environmental Conditions and test Procedures for Airborne Equipment)
  • MIL-HDBK-217F notice 2 and FIDES (reliability predictions)

EN 9100

EN 9100 is a European standard that integrates the principles of ISO 9001 and is aimed at the entire supply chain in the aeronautics, space and defence fields. EN 9100 is the equivalent of AS9100 (America) and JISQ 9100 (Asia). It certifies the reliability and quality of TRONICO's services for the design and manufacture of embedded products.

AQAP 2110

The AQAP 2110 standard is a NATO-developed standard that sets out quality requirements. It is a quality management tool that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and the specific requirements of the "Defence" sector.

Other standards

Tame-Power products are also designed and manufactured in accordance with the current functional, safety and testing standards, including: 

  • Functional safety EN 61508 and its derivatives: EN 26262 Automotive, DO-254, EN 62279 Railway, EN 61513 Nuclear, EN 61511 Industrial processes, ARP 4754A, MIL-HDBK-217F, FIDES,
  • Safety: EN60950, EN61010, EN61508 etc.,
  • Testing: DO-160, UL94, EN50155, STM-E-001, EN F 16-101, EN61373, EN50121, EN60068…

NADCAP Electronics

TRONICO is Nadcap Electronics certified. This is a certification for the circuit board manufacturing process, developed by leaders in the aerospace and defence sector markets. Its objective is twofold: to improve quality and reduce costs. Both production sites (St. Philbert de Bouaine in France and Tangier in Morocco) are Nadcap certified. The Tangier site is the first Nadcap Electronics certified site on the African continent. TRONICO's customers in all sectors benefit from the same manufacturing processes.

COFRAC accreditation

The accreditation granted to TRONICO by COFRAC covers the following types of tests:

  • Counterfeit Detection: External visual inspection, X-rays, electrical test, wettability, internal visual inspection, according to an in-house expertise,
  • Chemical Opening: Corrosion of plastic materials (coating) by chemical preparation, according to an in-house expertise,
  • Internal Visual Inspection: determining the internal defects of a component, according to the reference MIL_STD-883 (METHOD 2013) and an in-house expertise,
  • External Visual Inspection: determining the external defects of a component, according to the reference MIL_STD-883 (METHOD 2009) and an in-house expertise,
  • Bond Pull Test: traction exerted on electronic chip bondings, according to the reference MIL_STD-883 (METHOD 2011) and an in-house expertise,
  • Electronic Chip Shear Test: force exerted on electronic chips, according to the reference MIL_STD-883, (METHOD 2019) and an in-house expertise.

CIR and CII approvals

The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research has approved TRONICO as "an organisation carrying out research and development (R&D) work on behalf of companies". The CIR approval recognises TRONICO's ability to carry out R&D work eligible for Research Tax Credit (in French, “Crédit Impôt Recherche” or CIR). As a result, TRONICO's customers can allocate invoices relating to R&D work to their CIR tax allowance. The CII approval recognises TRONICO's ability to carry out work eligible for the Innovation Tax Credit (in French, “Crédit d’Impôt Innovation” or CII).

Tame-Power use cases on the aerospace market

DC to DC converters for Stratobus

The Stratobus project is a geostationary multi-mission platform that can carry payloads for civil or military applications (surveillance, observation, detection, communication...). Self-sufficient in energy thanks to its solar panels and reversible fuel cell, this dirigible balloon operating in the stratosphere, at an altitude of 20 KM, is propelled by electrical energy. Tame-Power is a partner in the consortium to provide DC/DC converters for the power supply of the baloon's power, communication and control equipment. The first flight of a prototype is planned for 2020.

Convertisseurs DC/DC pour Thales

DC to DC converters for E-Fan X

In 2017, AIRBUS launched E-Fan X demonstrator with the ambition to test technologies which would prone to decarbonize the sky. In the test aircraft, one out of four engines is replaced by a 2MW electric motor. TRONICO participates in this ambitious project and provides DC to DC power converters. 

Convertisseurs DC/DC pour Airbus

Other markets

Your Tame-Power contact person

  • Frédéric MAIGNAN

    Key Account Manager Aerospace

    Frédéric holds the position of Key Account Manager for the aeronautics activity of TRONICO, he has been supporting clients in the aeronautics and space markets for more than 10 years. Witness to many electrical architectures on board aircraft, it supports designers on all associated technologies: fuel cell, battery, hybridization, solar ...

    Its mission: to support you in the analysis of your DC / DC energy conversion needs and to guide you towards one of the three scenarios offered by Tame-Power:

    • DC / DC converter catalog,
    • Catalog DC / DC converter and parametric customization,
    • Specific development of DC / DC converter.

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