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Battery Management System

Tame-Power®: A high-performance product line for energy conversion and battery management

Battery Management System by Tame-Power

The modular adaptable platform BMS (Battery Management System) by Tame-Power® is developed for energy storage systems with Lithium. It is made of a supervisor module BMU (Battery Management Unit) communicating with boards for surveillance of chemical storage cells CSU (Cells Survey Unit).

One can compose his own BMS by using a BMU supervisor and up to 36 CSU boards, allowing up to 432 cells.

The design of this BMS is in compliance with the prescriptions of the standard of operating safety NF-EN61508, level SIL2.

The application engineers are available to study all the specific demands and adapt the platform to any need.

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Carte CSU (mesure)

Measurement channels
from 6 to 12
Cell Voltage
from 1,0 to 5,0 V
Overall Voltage
from 6,0 to 825 V
Measurement accuracy on the overall temperature range
< 5 mV
Insolation of measurement channels
> 4200 Vdc

Module BMU (supervision)

Integrated state of charge (SOC) and health status (SOH) algorithms
Number of CSUs managed (serial or parallel)
from 1 to 36
Operating Temperature Range
from -30 to +80 °C

Emulateur de batteries configurable

Number of channels
160, independent and programmable
Output voltage
from 0.5 to 4.7 V
Output current
200 mA
CAN - Ethernet - GPIB
Control architecture
Rack PXI

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