Power conversion for mobility solutions

Power conversion solutions for all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, boats…

Tame-Power offers a range of DC / DC converters suitable for embedded applications for electric mobility: electric or hybrid cars, electric buses, electric trucks and other special electric vehicles. Tame-Power DC / DC converters allow you to simply connect different energy sources in hybrid architectures: fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors. They work in both directions of transfer (buck and boost) and can be controlled by a CAN bus to provide currents or voltages that you have defined in your driving laws.

Tame-Power DC  DC converters provide voltage conversion to various components such as air conditioning compressors, pumps, or, in lower voltage, to 12V or 24V lines for automotive on-board accessories.

Tame-Power also offers support for your system architecture design activities as well as the implementation of converters, thus strengthening your engineering capacity.

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