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Power conversion for mobility solutions

Power conversion solutions for all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, boats…

Tame-Power offers a range of DC / DC converters suitable for embedded applications for electric mobility: electric or hybrid cars, electric buses, electric trucks and other special electric vehicles. Tame-Power DC / DC converters allow you to simply connect different energy sources in hybrid architectures: fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors. They work in both directions of transfer (buck and boost) and can be controlled by a CAN bus to provide currents or voltages that you have defined in your driving laws.

Tame-Power DC  DC converters provide voltage conversion to various components such as air conditioning compressors, pumps, or, in lower voltage, to 12V or 24V lines for automotive on-board accessories.

Tame-Power also offers support for your system architecture design activities as well as the implementation of converters, thus strengthening your engineering capacity.

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Reference DC DC converter for SymbioFCell

SymbioFCell chose Tame-Power to develop a specific DCDC module to equip its hydrogen range extender. This DCDC module is leaned against the fuel cell and shares the cooling circuit. It responds to very strong specific integration constraints and has been the subject of co-design work between the engineering teams of the two companies.

The SymbioFCell range extender installed on the KANGOO ZE-H2 makes it possible to add an additional 150 km of range, several hundred vehicles of this type already circulating today.

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Reference Battery Management System for TEOS Power train Engineering

TEOS Power train Engineering chose a Tame-Power BMS to equip an experimental model of TWIZY. This demonstrator is equipped with a 35 Kw electric motor and a Lithium-ion battery.

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Reference DC DC converter for Plug Power

Plug Power, a leader in hydrogen solutions in the USA, has chosen DC / DC converters from the Tame-Power brand.

With a power of 15kW, these products from Tame-Power's "COMET" range are part of Plug Power's Range Extenders H2. This equipment aims to increase the autonomy of the electric vans already in circulation on behalf of the carrier FedEx.

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Reference DC DC converters for Yelo boats

Tame-Power has been selected to supply the DCDCs that will equip the Yelo boat. This electro-hydrogen boat will make maritime shuttles in the port of La Rochelle.

The YELO shuttle was put into service and made its first trips in 2017.

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Reference DC DC converters for Symbio FCell

SymbioFCell chose Tame-Power for the DC / DC fuel cell extender on a Maxity electric truck. This extension incorporates a DC / DC of 20 kW associated with a battery of the same power. The Renault Maxity truck thus doubles its range of up to 200 km. It was commissioned by La Poste in February 2015.

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