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Power conversion for aeronautics

Our products fit the aerospace evolution

Motivated by the demand to optimize aircraft performance, reduce operating and maintenance costs, increase the reliability and decrease gas emissions, the aviation industry is moving towards the More Electric Aircraft. As a specialist in power electronics, TAME-POWER and TRONICO are players in this change.

Combining the technological bricks in power conversion developed for several years with its expertise in development of critical aeronautical systems, TRONICO proposes to study solutions that meet both the need for innovation and the need for safety.

Example of norms:

  • DO-254 (Design Assurance Guidance For Airborne Electronic Hardware)
  • DO-178C (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification)
  • DO-160 (Environmental Conditions and test Procedures for Airborne Equipment)
  • MIL-HDBK-217F notice 2 and FIDES (Reliability Prediction)

Challenges associated with the design of power electronics for aeronautics are power density, efficiency and thermal stress management. Thanks to its innovation unit, its internal component technology laboratory and the partnership with G2ELab, TAME-POWER and TRONICO are working on solutions to manage these constraints.

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Reference Stratobus

The Stratobus project is a concept of geostationary multi-mission platform to carry payloads for civil or military applications (Surveillance, observation, detection, communication ...). Autonomous energy thanks to its solar panels and its reversible fuel cell, this dirigible balloon evolving in the stratosphere, with 20 KM of altitude, is propelled by the electrical energy. Tame-Power is a partner in the consortium to provide DCDC converters for the power supply of power, communication and balloon control equipment. The first flight of a prototype is planned for 2020.

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Reference DC DC converters for Eviation

TAME-POWER has been selected by the Israeli company EVIATION as a supplier of DCDC converters integrating into chargers for its electric flying drones.

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Reference DC DC converters for Eraole

Tame-Power was chosen to design and build 20 compact converters specifically adapted to the Eraole hybrid electric airplane. The navigator-researcher Raphaël Dinelli, designer of this hybrid aircraft equipped with 43 m² of solar panels and a biofuel engine has set the challenge of achieving the first carbon-free transatlantic flight. TRONICO also made the wiring of these DCDC converters in the aircraft. The first tests of the aircraft were made on October 20, 2016.